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Why LEADZ? In the words of our team...

Architecting for the future.

LEADZ is highly respected, women-owned, and on a mission to identify, coach, and elevate human-centered leaders.

This unprecedented moment in history calls for us to intentionally connect the world's most extraordinary leaders and coaches to create massive waves of positive change in the world.

Care. Serving both the private and public sectors, LEADZ has gained immense insight, intel, and compassion from being behind closed doors with thousands of executives during their most vulnerable and victorious moments. Our approach results in 80%+ of our new customers coming from executive and C-Suite referrals. "We assess leadership success by the degree to which those around you are inspired." Share. Our commitment to love and integrity as verbs permeates every facet of our organization and we openly bring a wealth of resources, intel, tools, innovations, data, and intellectual property to each engagement. Your investment with LEADZ will always be maximized and generously paid forward. "We rise by lifting others." Dare. Our depth and breadth of experiences as leaders informs our steadfast commitment to operate with trust and transparency, to bring positive energy into every space we enter, to speak with compassion and candor, to assume positive intent, to be ridiculously easy to do business with, to honor our team's worth, to know we are better together, and to earn the opportunity to flank you and your rock stars with the most badass support system and ROI you have ever experienced.  "We keep it real." Been There. For more than two decades, our 'non-negotiable north stars' have been: 1) Honor faith, family, and wellbeing above all. 2) Build the most beloved, ethical, and referred coaching collaborative that exists by having one conscious and kind conversation at a time. 3) Increase the number of organizations that embrace virtues-based leadership (humility, generosity, trust, integrity, gratitude, and love) as essential versus the exception. And, 4) Empower more organizations to strategically quantify and leverage coaching and strategic leader development as a profit center versus a cost center. "We help you rise AND shine."

Our Team


Robin Dolobach
Chief Exec
utive Officer, Strategy
Executive Coach, PCC


Dr. Greg Finch

Executive Officer Advisor

Executive Coach, ACC

ShawnMack.remini-enhanced (002).jpg

Shawn Mank

Executive Officer Advisor

Military Veteran

Executive Coach


Dr. Gye Johnson

Executive Training and Development

Military Veteran

Executive Coach, PCC


Marcia Hoffheins

Executive Wellness

Executive Coach, PCC

Grainne Lighter Background_edited_edited

Grainne Sibley

Executive Programs

Executive Coach, PCC, MS


Mary McNees


Chief Executive Officer, Operations


L'Lorenzo Seabrook

Executive Team Coach

MBA / Military Veteran

Executive Coach, PCC


Amy Panzarella

Executive Officer

Human and Community Relations

Executive Coach, ACC, MS, SPHR-SCP


Susan Bittner

Executive Officer

Partner Alignment and Advancement

Executive Coach, ACC

Susan Website_edited.png

Susan Paley

Executive Programs

Executive Coach, ACC


Derek Edwards

Sales and Marketing


Cindy Whitmoyer


Chief Executive Officer, Growth

Executive Coach, MCC (ongoing)


Terry Britton

DEI Advisor / M.A.

Executive Coach, PCC


Heather Soubra
Executive Officer

Strategic Programs and Partnerships

Executive Coach, ACC


Beverly Smith

Executive Assistant

Client Scheduler


Evan Katz

Human Centered Design

UX Designer / UI Developer

Our Coaches

"This is what I've been searching for..."

LEADZ Coaches (60+ globally) are strategically supported, certified and governed by the International Coach Federation (ICF), and held to exceptional standards. Experts are drawn to LEADZ to contribute to the architecting, modernization, and advancement of the coaching industry, and to elevate the humanity of leadership. They have been called to the forefront as trailblazers, authors, teachers, mentors, designers, innovators, and strategists. Some represent the top 4% from our industry and many have earned global recognition for their achievements.

Our Reach

CP Foundation logo.jpg
Wounded Warrior Project Logo.png

LEADZ seeks to rise by lifting others. We call this, "Gift, Shift, and Lift."

Every engagement creates massive ripples of good as we curate a unique donation and 'pay it forward'

with a gift related to the mission of each organization we serve. Every dollar you invest at LEADZ

expands our collective reach and creates ripples of positive change in the world.

Giving generously with gratitude and humility is not a 'thing we do' at LEADZ.  It's who we are.

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