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Dr. Gye Johnson

Executive Training and Development

Military Veteran

Executive Coach, PCC

Get to Know Gye

Dr. Gye Johnson is an executive coach, certified facilitator, and organizational leadership expert. He holds a Professional Coaching Certification from George Mason’s Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, an Executive Certificate in Facilitation from Georgetown University, and a Doctoral degree in Organizational Leadership.


Dr. Johnson has honed his unique blend of leadership development, facilitation, and executive coaching. He believes that most people possess the raw talent to be a leader, with the differentiation between marginal leaders and transformational leaders boiling down to two factors: authenticity and integrity.


Dr. Johnson’s approach to executive coaching seeks to tap into these two key factors by analyzing the client's unique blend of strengths and abilities and discovering how these factors can lead to transformational leadership. He engages his clients with his straightforward competitive candor, the wisdom that comes from being a natural people leader, a business acumen led by his strengths, and his passion for creating an inclusive community. He partners with senior leaders, supporting their goal to maximize employee engagement, build inclusive cultures, and cultivate thought leaders.


Dr. Johnson has become a highly sought-after C-Suite executive coach and strategic partner that holds his clients accountable to their goals and strategy. He has utilized his extensive organizational facilitation experience to help leaders navigate organizational crises, large-scale institutional change, and the development and execution of strategic vision and planning. Understanding that there is no “one size fits all” approach to leadership, Dr. Johnson approaches each new engagement as a unique opportunity to develop a customized plan to achieve the client’s goals. He believes, “Every leader brings their own set of skills, knowledge, experience, achievements, challenges, and strategies to an engagement; it is my duty to support them in developing and executing their vision.”


In his spare time, this father of three can be found with an iron in his hand at the nearest golf course. He has a passion for music and is always the person in the room that others are drawn to.

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