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Leader Ecosystems 3.0

Who will succeed you, carry forward, and honor what you have built?

The need for leaders to experience profound personal and organizational renewal, connection, trust, and wellbeing has never been more real, or more intimately linked to


Deeper self-awareness, intentional shifts, personal mindfulness practices, real-time data, and validated succession planning are essential for the evolution from "ego"-systems to


What would it mean to your organization if even 60% of your people were only 10% more productive and aligned in their role?  This is your moment to prepare for today and proactively



Endorsed by Jack Phillips

Founder of the ROI Institute


“As I think about the success of LEADZ coaching projects compared to others I assess, I have to say that I am very pleased with the data on the scorecard that clearly brings to life the very positive reactions, learnings, and applications (significant behavior change by the individuals receiving the coaching). There is no doubt this is a marvelous success.

Best regards, Jack”


Meaningful human interaction, connection, and a personal touch are essential for exponential growth and risk mitigation.

Psychological safety enables each individual to clarify their role, honor their wellbeing, and confidentially share

the truth.

Informed questions empower you to

make informed decisions.


Leverage the non-attributable intelligence that only intentional and

ethical coaching can reveal.

Implement change more quickly and effectively by partnering with the experts who can compassionately align mindsets, hearts, perspectives, and behaviors to be in harmony with system changes for

every aspect of your business.

"LEADZ Values and Clarity Assessments identified that 68% of our 140 person workforce was operating at only 50% of their potential. The data helped us align each person correctly to our strategic plan and coached us all on the necessary behavior changes. Only one year later, the employee viewpoint survey reflects that 100% of our workforce is now operating at more than 80% of their potential, complaints have practically ceased to exist, and our internal client satisfaction surveys have soared." 


Director of Leadership and Learning (SES), Federal Government

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