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Mary McNees


Chief Executive Officer, Operations

Get to Know Mary

Mary's expertise includes comprehensive administrative, operational, and logistical support for multiple organizations over two decades. Her team ensures that intricate and confidential details of hundreds of coaching sessions and events are properly scheduled each month, manages all back-office operations for LEADZ, and allows our talented Coaches to stay focused on what they do best.


Mary has exemplary program management, writing, editing, and finance skills, blended with a kindness and compassion that brightens any room. She has a vast resource library and a trusted network to guarantee that all programs and events meet any organizations and leader’s objectives. Her warm personality ensures that everyone that she interacts with feels appreciated, comfortable, and engaged.

Mary has the experience and maturity to anticipate needs, to create seamless end-to-end solutions, and to strategically serve and care for every client in a personalized way. When engagements require additional resources, she deploys and leads an expanded team of trained administrative and program management professionals.

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