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Beverly Smith

Executive Assistant

Client Scheduler

Get to Know Beverly

Beverly (“Bev”) joyfully serves as LEADZ Executive Coordinator and Executive Assistant. Her more than two decades of experience as a Dental Hygienist, military wife (Army), and mother of three children (now thriving adults), have given her vast experience helping to guide, nurture, care for, and serve others with patience, kindness, love, and lots of humor.


Bev expertly and thoughtfully ensures the Coaches and Clients are well cared for from the first introduction to the final Coaching session and beyond. A true differentiator in the coaching industry, LEADZ handles the time consuming and challenging task of scheduling and tracking all coaching sessions, providing communications, logistics, and back office administrative and operations support so that LEADZ talented Coaches can focus on what they do best. Beverly’s quirky, light-hearted, and sometimes “tough love” approach to any situation helps to keep everyone smiling, in great spirits, on track for success, and focused on LEADZ important mission.

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