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Cindy Whitmoyer


Chief Executive Officer, Growth

Executive Coach, MCC (ongoing)

Get to Know Cindy

Cindy is a respected leader, entrepreneur, and executive coach successfully impacting leaders in career advancement and profitability. With over 25 years of experience training, teaching, doing behavioral research, and working abroad, she has become an expert in leadership development and team strategy. Her passion for working globally across a wide range of organizations has given her a depth of experience coaching and training a diverse group of leaders.

As a strategic partner for her clients, Cindy stretches leaders to become differentiators, stand out in competitive markets, and lead proactively. Her supportive intuitive nature helps leaders transition and find the balance in mindset between “ego” and “eco”. Her clients have reported an increased success with critical thinking, positive influence, communication, inclusivity, resilience and accountability. You are never a stranger with Cindy as your thought partner helping clarify and amplify your purpose.

Combining years of experience as an executive coach and curriculum designer, Cindy has become a change agent for leadership development and coaching programs. Beyond coaching, she enjoys participating in podcasts, developing leadership forums, and collaborating with other experts within the leadership development and coaching space. She has written several successful training programs and is currently writing a book.

Cindy has over 2500 coaching hours from her Master Coach training and received her coaching certification from George Mason University’s Institute for Leadership Excellence. As the wife of a career disabled Marine veteran, a very active mom of two boys, and a volunteer to positively impact her community, Cindy is living her best life. She is a former all-state and collegiate softball player, world traveler, and working parent. She believes that everyone has a life story to share and enjoys inspiring others to embrace their well-being and exhale. In her down time, you will find Cindy writing, planting her toes in the sand, enjoying the outdoors, attending sports events, and watching the NASA channel.

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