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Robin Dolobach


Chief Executive Officer, Strategy

Executive Coach, PCC

Get to Know Robin

Robin has a proven track record of success in helping great leaders and organizations become more aware, intentional, impactful, and beloved.

Serving a diverse clientele spanning both public and private sectors for more than 25 years, Robin leverages that direct experience to provide focused, confidential, and holistic support to purpose-driven leaders. Her clients value her no-nonsense, data-led, real-world solutions and consistently report receiving positive shifts in perspective, desired promotions, and personal and professional breakthroughs.

Robin is a lifelong visionary with an innate gift for identifying clear, high ROI, and previously unrealized solutions, and then inspiring others to action. Her notable expertise in leadership development centralization efforts (completed in months vs. years) has resulted in her being tapped to lead dozens of large-scale, multi-million-dollar inaugural and mission-critical global initiatives in highly visible, discriminating, and sensitive environments. She often reports to, advises, and/or coaches, the top line executive, commander, sponsor, or board.

Her personal passion is helping heart-led individuals reconnect to their innate magnificence, as they fulfill their greatest aspirations and potential. Robin has developed a proven array of tools to help clients quickly gain clarity and discern where and how to spend their time, energy, and resources for maximum impact. For over two decades, she has been recognized, interviewed, and quoted as the go-to, "Authentic Career Coach" in Washington, DC area.


As an entrepreneur/owner/investor of ten distinct and successful businesses over two decades, while simultaneously being a dedicated mother and community member, Robin intimately understands leadership and familial challenges, stresses, risks, and realities. Her coaching inquiries are informed by her own direct experience as a leader, through ongoing educational pursuits, and by thousands of hours serving as a trusted confidante to leaders in their most vulnerable and victorious moments.

Robin has been professionally trained by CPAD, CTI, GMU, DON, and ICF (PCC-level training and over a decade of MCC-level coaching hours) and held security clearances with DOD, DHS, & DOI. Perspective clients may find value in her 50+ professional recommendations on LinkedIn.

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