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Evan Katz

Human Centered Design 

UX Developer / UI Designer

Get to Know Evan

Evan has a love for psychology, a passion for design, and a desire to enhance and simplify the way we work. He has spent more than 20 years building a toolkit of design and technology skills to help organizations with deep purpose connect more readily, meaningfully, and intentionally with their ideal clients and employees. Evan is versed in all areas of User Research, User Experience (UX) Design, and User Interface (UI) Development, and helps LEADZ provide the most efficient and effective end-to-end solutions.


As Director of Human-Centered Design for LEADZ, Evan is in the forefront of the digital transformation of enabling activities, assessments, data sharing, and experiences that have typically been done only in person to be done virtually with ease. This allows the world’s best coaches to increase their reach, and bring their most impactful tools and proven concepts to a global audience. Likewise, it allows more leaders to have insider access to the world’s top executive coaches.

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