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Taylor Ketcham Headshot.png

Taylor Ketcham

Wellness Coach, Project Manager

Get to Know Taylor

Taylor Ketcham is a passionate nature lover and an English literature enthusiast. With over a decade of experience in coaching, business consulting and entrepreneurship, Taylor brings creativity, empathy, and attention to detail to her work.


Taylor is a former Division I collegiate lacrosse player with more than 15 years of experience in the lacrosse industry. She has served as a travel club owner, coach and director in various capacities showcasing her strong leadership skills and commitment to personal development for student-athletes and within organizational leadership. Taylor's passion for her athletes’ wellness led her to open a yoga studio, adding to her expertise in cultivating strong team chemistry in a foundational, healthy way.


Within LEADZ, Taylor and her team at Ascend Within Co. serve to support the launch of a new brand, provide business strategy development around marketing and sales, and coordinate team building. Beyond project management, Taylor creates a fun and welcoming meeting environment that brings forth each team member's best while remaining focused and productive.


As the Founder and CEO of Ascend Within Co, Taylor has empowered mission-driven businesses, managed administrative needs, cultivated strong core values, and organized wellness retreats and workshops. She provides executive support and consultancy services to organizations, fostering well-being and empowered individuals.


Taylor holds a Bachelor's in English from Davidson College and a Master’s in English from Wake Forest University. Her graduate studies focused on Disability Studies and the Evolution of Human Rights, a background which enriches her holistic coaching approach. Her dedication to uplifting women, pursuing social justice, and bridging the gap between corporate and everyday life drives her mission-driven work. She is committed to making a positive impact on communities, one step at a time.

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