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Chris Short Headshot.png

Chris Short

Delivery Manager

Get to Know Chris

Chris Short is a dynamic and forward-thinking technology leader with a passion for driving transformative growth and innovation. Throughout his career, he has honed his skills in solutions architecture, team leadership and technical product delivery. More recently he is building expertise by leveraging artificial intelligence models to develop robust organizational identities, strategies, roadmaps and solutions that elevate his clients' impact to new heights.


As part of the LEADZ team Chris manages the digital product delivery life cycle ensuring clarity, agency, an agile mindset and open communication are core tenets of the digital product life cycle experience. By partnering with a variety of stakeholders and SMEs in the LEADZ community he provides insights, organization, incentive and accountability to digital products teams improving their ability to deliver impactful products. Leveraging his experience in the technology sector Chris also helps LEADZ evaluate technical solutions and deliver systems for smoothly scaling their digital product offerings.


With a track record of driving innovation and growth, Chris excelled as the former Head of Delivery at Pocket Network in Tampa, FL, championing access for 30+ blockchains and leading agile methodologies and program management during rapid expansion. At Beeline in Jacksonville, FL, he played a pivotal role as a Technical Program Manager, successfully implementing a global hybrid cloud solution. As a Solutions Architect at Ascend Within in Mooresville, NC, Chris empowers mission-driven leaders and professionals to optimize their operations and achieve sustainable growth through business transformation consulting.


Beyond his professional endeavors, Chris Short finds balance as an individual passionate about being a Dad & Partner, personal growth, permaculture, mountain biking, community, carpentry, and education. His dedication to supporting organizations focused on the planet's well-being and humanity's upliftment exemplifies his commitment to making a positive impact on the world. As a lifelong learner, Chris embraces opportunities for intellectual conversations, and his penchant for innovation and architecting solutions is evident in all he undertakes.

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