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Cherie Detwiler Photo_edited.png

Cherie Detwiler

Program Lead, Leader Insight Circles

Get to Know Cherie

Cherie has over a decade of experience managing the details and overseeing teams for large events and conferences. She is highly skilled at streamlining processes through multiple groups, training all levels of staff on new software platforms, and creating standard operating procedures for long term success. Cherie has a strong compassion for people after years working with an organization and non-profit focused on trauma related services. She strongly believes in the power of individual transformation and change for anyone, especially witnessing this directly from courageous survivors. She truly supports the old saying, “Where there is a will, there's a way.” Cherie carries this sentiment into her role as Program Director for LEADZ, helping to ignite the overall success of a dynamic team.


Cherie also has a creative and entrepreneurial spirit that led her to become a color expert for architectural spaces and individuals over the last 15+ years. The importance of listening to and understanding her client’s needs has helped her fine tune her practice over the years and ignite her passion to further explore new areas in the field of color. She loves a beautiful color palette and sees this also from a broader scope in the diversity of humans and in nature itself.


Recently returning to her home roots on the east coast, Cherie spent years in California surfing up and down the Pacific coast, camping, and traveling to the deserts and mountains, always with her camera by her side. The love of nature, writing, photography, a healthy lifestyle, and volunteering for animal rescues fills her soul and helps her to reset.

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